Styleguide: Which shoes are suitable for which outfit?

A full wardrobe and no idea what shoes to wear? In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can easily complete your outfit with the right shoes, taking into account a few style rules. Which shoes you can best combine with a dress, skirt or jeans can be found here!

What fits boots and ankle boots?

As in any autumn / winter season , the crucial questions arise: How are the new boots or ankle boots worn? To which garment can the boots be combined? Does the pants come out or in?

You can save yourself all these grueling questions! What’s hot is what you like. Just note a few tips to make the boot outfit a well-balanced and balanced thing.

  • Sneaker socks in ankle boots avoid unsightly sock speed cameras! Or if it’s too cold, how about using colorful winter socks instead as a chic splash of color?
  • Wide boyfriend jeans or bootcut jeans should never be squeezed into ankle boots or boots! This gives unsightly wrinkles and breaks any look. Just carted over the boot shaft that just looks better!
  • Stiletto heels on boots and strong calves are not compatible at all and put the legs unfavorably in scene. More practical and advantageous is a block heel that flatters the leg much more!


Discover your experimentation!

So that you can orientate yourself with the whole boot and ankle boots models , we have put together a few styling combinations.

Ankle boots with a narrow shaft combine ideally with skinny jeans. For a modern look, flip the hem of the pants once. The narrow shaft in combination with the tight trousers and the block heel can also be beneficial for strong calves.

A casually casual look is created in combination with a boyfriend jeans! Either the jeans are rolled up or worn over the ankle boots, so you can set your own accents! For the elegant business look, the ankle boots combine into a pencil skirt and opaque tights. This is how everyday office life becomes a catwalk!

Flat ankle boots in biker look give every outfit a touch of wildness. Especially the contrast between a feminine playful skirt and masculine biker boots makes the appeal here. Biker Boots also like to deliberately break the rules of style, as this is exactly how new trends and styles are created.

Combine boots, but how?

Boots with flat heels are true everyday miracles and score not only with their coziness. The flat heel and the simple design make it indispensable for long working days! How about combining boots into tight pants? With delicate details and different prints made of high-quality leather, a fashionable rider look is created! Combined with a knee-length heavy knit or felt skirt, you’ve found the right companion in your boot. This creates a balanced natural style, which is completed by the discreet boots.

Boots with a block heel not only cheat a few centimeters in height, but hide subtly strong calves. With a body-conscious simple dress and a long and long cardigan, an early autumn style emerges.


Outfits for low shoes – all-rounder for everyday life

Loafers can be elegant, casual, classic or sporty, depending on the model. This depends entirely on your personality and also on what you want to say with your look.

At what seasons do you complete your outfit with loafers?

Loafers can be worn in every season, because the models are real all-rounder. Of course, the classic seasons for loafers are spring and autumn. In this style guide for loafers we show you which outfits the models are to be combined with.

The casual look

The casual look is quick and easy to put together and is ideal for a day off or short shopping trip. Combine a skinny jeans or a boyfriend jeans with a white top and a matching lace-up – best of all a Budapest in discreet nude tones. This fits perfectly with your leisure look. Incidentally, the casual Oufit emphasizes your strong self-confidence, because it shows that you look good even in a simple outfit.

The elegant look

You want to present yourself in an elegant look? For this purpose, you will purposefully resort to a chic lace-up, depending on your personal taste with a pattern and preferably in serious colors such as black or dark blue. Combine it with a suit suit of the same color, a light blouse and a jacket in the color of your suit trousers. Your outfit is perfect for a workday in the office, it looks classy, ​​feminine and puts you in the limelight.

The classic look

For a classic look, wear a swinging or knee-length dress on fine days paired with a discreet necklace. Combine this with a simple slipper with a metallic shine as an eye-catcher.

For such a slipper, you can also, and especially in bad weather, wear a matching color trench coat with tights. In spring fashion, the desire for skirts beckons. Here is a combination of a skirt skirt in length of your choice and a white blouse perfect. Those who are not fans of skirts can wear a nice jumpsuit with their slippers in summer. Already you present yourself in a classic and at the same time very fashion-conscious.

The sporty look

Down jackets, bomber jackets or leather jackets are perfect for a sporty outfit. The sporty look can be worn in every season. For the colder seasons is a jogging jeans and a warm down jacket – and of course not to forget a cool shoe. This can be more sporty or simple, depending on your individual taste. When the temperatures rise then a pair of shorts and a classic-sporty top to a shoe with a white sole is ideal for a sporty everyday outfit. With this casual look you are often rated as sympathetic from the first glance. In addition, you will always feel comfortable in the sporty outfits and look very good at the same time.

With our styling guide for shoes you have always a perfect outfit for every season! Each look reflects a different side of you and tells people around you about your personality.

Dare the new combinations! Discover new sides of yourself with the different looks. Dare and spice up your outfits with the matching low shoes!

Combine pumps

Pumps are the first choice when it comes to mastering everyday life with a little elegance. Pumps can combine every woman, it depends only on how she wants to stage and which pump variation flatters her leg.

Pumps are available in countless variations: stiletto heels, peep-toes or the classic pumps conjure up a slender leg and emphasize the feminine charms. Because they are so versatile, they are so popular.

No matter what outfit – Pumps always go

For casual jeans, the airy summer dress or the business outfit for a serious appearance, you can combine pumps to any outfit. The whole outfit looks a little more elegant and glamorous with the pumps. Pastel-colored pumps in combination with a pair of jeans and a loose blouse that matches the color of the shoes, is a casual office outfit that does not lack the necessary seriousness. A monochrome business trouser suit can be combined with the matching pumps to break the strict form with female charms. One should only be careful to combine as muted colors, as strong and bright colors in the business world look dubious.

Strappy pumps or slingback pumps ideally fit on a summery dress or a pretty circle skirt, so the legs are perfectly staged.