Show Your Feet – Foot Care Tips

From season to season our feet do a lot. Whether wrapped in thick wool socks in winter or on hot sandy beaches in summer – the strain on our feet is immense. Therefore, good foot care is important so that well-groomed feet can be presented. In this post you will find tips on how you can also provide with self-made scrubs and foot baths for a pampering program for your feet.

Feet care in winter, but why?

Due to the low temperatures, our body narrows external vessels, causing our hands or feet are no longer supplied with sufficient blood. This causes our feet to get cold and start to freeze. To prevent this, we wear thick winter shoes and winter socks, which causes our feet to sweat. Dry skin, calluses on the heel and on the ball are the result. A pedicure program can help in the winter!

Step by step to presentable feet with the right foot care


The foot bath

A good foot care includes a soothing foot bath . Take warm and not too hot water. As an additive you can use special bath oils for feet . If you do not have bath oils on hand, you can easily create a homemade version: mix a cup of whole milk, two tablespoons of cream and eight drops of lemon oil and stir your home-made care additive into the water. As a little tip for well-groomed feet: If you put a tablespoon of mustard in the water, the circulation is stimulated. The bath can take about 15 minutes . Then bruise your feet nice and cold . This refreshes the circulation!

The removal of the cornea

After the bath, you can use a special foot file or even a pumice stone from the drugstore of the cornea on heel and bale to deal with. Of course, there are also electrical devices that facilitate the removal of the cornea.

The creaming of the feet

Maintain your feet in winter with rich creams and lotions . Apply the creams in the morning and in the evening. Let them work under thick socks overnight. For dry and chapped feet creams with urea and aloe vera are particularly suitable. Ingredients such as eucalyptus, rosemary or lavender stimulate blood circulation and have a warming effect.


Cutting the nails

Unlike the fingernails, toenails should be cut as straight as possible. This prevents the unsightly and sometimes quite painful ingrowth of the nail. Therefore, cut the nails straight and, of course, to a length .


The exfoliation

A cleansing scrub to complete the foot care gives the feet the finishing touch. Rinse your feet gently under clean water before starting the exfoliation. You can buy a special exfoliant in drugstores or you can just make your own exfoliation . It’s easy. To do this, use a little olive oil and sea salt . Mix it into a fine paste and rub your feet with it. The olive oil moisturizes and the fine salt crystals dissolve small dander and provide a pleasantly soft skin. As an alternative to sea salt, you can also use sugar. The self-made exfoliation not only cares for the feet, but you also know exactly what is in the scrub. In addition, it is very cost effective and has the same effect as a purchased peeling.

An ever more popular variant of the foot scrub is the so-called “fish pedicure”. In this case, you just leave the work to small fish nibbling dead skin cells. This can sometimes be tickling, but is considered a guarantee for extremely tender skin.


The painting of the nails after the foot care

Some nail polish completes the foot care. Whether gaudy candy tones , glamorous metal tones or noble pastel colors adorn your feet, it’s entirely up to you. Allowed is what pleases! So that the painting is not an acrobatic art number, there is of course a little trick here. Between the toes either small bits of handkerchiefs or cotton pads stuck, for nail polish lovers, the purchase of so-called toe spreaders made of foam is recommended. So you gain a little more space between the individual toes and can paint every toenail without any problems.