Quickly and easily find the perfect shoes for the dress

Do you know the following situation: You really want to wear beautiful clothes, but you can not decide which shoes to wear for each dress ? Many women think that dresses can only be worn with pumps. Whether other shoes can be worn to dresses and what should be observed in this blog post.

Which shoes are suitable for the dress and which are not

First, keep in mind that your shoes should fit the dress and occasion . A festive dress should not be combined with slippers. Just look at the dress to see if it should be casual, sporty or elegant, and so choose your shoes.

Each outfit can be accented with the right shoes. This means: It is entirely in your hands whether you want to make your look more chic or if you want to give it a rather casual touch . Shoes with heels such as pumps or fine sandals make every dress more chic and give the look an elegant finishing touch. For floor-length dresses, keep in mind that the heel height of your shoes should be tailored to the skirt length so you will not step on your dress. Would you prefer a casual look? Then simply combine everyday clothes with sports shoes, slippers or flat sandals .

Dare – play with colors

With so-called “color doubling” you can set both your outfit and your shoes to the dress refined. And that’s so easy! You only need shoes in the color that appears in your dress. Color doubling not only makes your outfit look harmonious, but also puts you in the limelight optically stylish.

Extravagant shoes beautify every simple dress. For example, shoes with studs, embroidery, fringes or snakeskin shoes make the dress, and thus your own look much more exciting, lively and unique!

In the fashion world are also allowed different style breaks. Rocky boots with a romantic dress testify to courage and style awareness. Try it! Especially on warm and sunny days, the trend Color-Blocking inspires everyone. Color blocking combines the outfit and the accessories in two to three contrasting colors. Color games with bright colors are the top priority! In short, it’s a perfect way to combine gaudy shoes into a dress while being a colorful trendsetter!

The benefits of matching shoes to the dress

Block paragraphs:

  • Block and wedge heels stretch the figure and make the body appear much narrower.
  • Pumps with block heels can be worn for hours without hurting the feet.

Lace Pumps:

  • Pointed Pumps not only look gorgeous, but their tapering shape makes them extend the foot and legs. Especially with dresses, this is a desired side effect.

Pumps in nude tones:

  • Pumps in nude tones have the same effect as pointed pumps. At first glance, they are not recognizable separately from the legs because of the color and therefore make the legs look longer.

Shoes to the dress in winter

Fortunately, you can wear dresses in every season. There are no limits to the question of which shoes can be worn with the dress in winter. Even on colder days clothes can be worn with slightly thicker and tall stockings and low shoes. Rounded off by a warm woolen cap, the dreamlike winter look is complete.

Another option is to combine dresses with cardigans, vests or ponchos. This not only keeps you warm, but fits perfectly with boots and ankle boots. As a side note, if your stockings and shoes are the same color, your legs will look longer with this side effect . Shoes with patterns should only be worn with plain and simple dresses if possible.

Which shoes fit the knit dress

In order not to fall into the winter blues, cuddly warm knit dresses lift the mood. Here are a few tips on how to make your knitwear even more sophisticated with the right shoes.

Color-coordinated shoes for a knit look

One of the most popular and classic looks are knit dresses with high boots . It’s up to you whether you prefer boots with high or low heels. Optionally, you can perfect the outfit with a color-coordinated and matching knit dress lipstick and voila – your outfit was with a few style elements to an irresistible eye-catcher!

Take the chance and tune your simple, plain knit dress with a patterned scarf and with low shoes. Lace-ups in different variations are needed here, which keep the foot warm and as waterproof as possible in bad weather. Here are stockings or leggings the icing on the cake with every look. Or would you rather combine your knit dress with great ankle boots? Here you can set accents with the help of unique upper materials or magical glitter prints.

Cozy and trendy – shoes for oversize knit dress

If you’re not the tight-sleeved type, try oversize knit dresses. These are not only comfortable, but fit perfectly with boots of all kinds. With a woolen hat and a matching color bag, you and your shoes set in a sophisticated manner. If simple boots or bootees have too little informative value, you can fall back on ankle boots with fur or teddy lining, which score visibly outwardly with a cozy cuddly atmosphere. A stylish and cozy look – how magic!

Fine knit look for everyday work with matching shoes

In everyday working life it is difficult to find shoes for a knit dress and also to look stylish and professional. Try a blazer with a knit dress and high boots. Boots not only keep you warm, they also look phenomenal. If you want to bring more elegance into the office, you can try the following: Combine a knit dress with a V-neck with a white shirt and great boots such as the boot Florina.

The trendsetter – knit dresses with rock boots

Would you rather be bolder and crazier? Let your knit dress merge with a leather jacket and ankle boots to a feminine, rocking winter outfit ! In coordinated shades you will be a true style icon with this combination! Choose between biker boots, patent-leather ankle boots and booties in taupe or brown tones, and get you into the cold season.

Figure flattering long knit dresses

Very long knit dresses should not be combined with boots, because the long knit dress “swallows” the boots. Therefore, we recommend you to wear ankle boots or loafers such as fashionable lace-ups for very long knit dresses. The exceptions are very long knit dresses with a high side slit, as this does not cover the boots, but sets extra while running in scene. Let your preferences and creativity run wild. Play with colors and create with your shoes to knit dress your personal knit look!

Shoes for evening dress

A dress for the spotlight, the evening dress! A glamorous appearance is guaranteed with the right evening dress . However, a dress only comes into its own if the right shoes are combined. Of course, the choice of course falls on pumps ! Summery stilettos or seductive high heels give the evening dress the necessary grace.

Floor-length evening dresses are less suitable for flat shoes, because you have to choose an appropriate heel so that the dress floats slightly above the floor. Short cocktail dresses in subtle shades gain in appeal through colorful or detailed strappy pumps. You can follow a very simple rule when choosing your evening dress shoes :

The more subtle the dress the more you can dare the shoes, of course, always according to the occasion.

Do you already have a pair of pumps for the next celebration in mind? Discover at tessamino attractive and comfortable pumps for every occasion.

Flat shoes to the dress

You want to wear a dress, but you do not want high-heeled shoes? No problem, we’ll show you how to put on the perfect show even in flat shoes . But first of all, the challenge you face with flat shoes on the dress : High shoes give you more leg length and stretch your entire body. So you look slimmer and more elegant.

Adding unfavorable style elements to flat shoes can achieve exactly the opposite effect. It could then happen that you are perceived as stronger than you are in reality.

Skillfully combine flat shoes with a dress

Use styling elements for your look that visually lengthen your legs. This can be, for example, the following:

  • Shoes with pointed toe
  • Shoes with open instep
  • monochrome tights without pattern
  • Shoes with a thin sole


Avoid anything that visually shortens or strengthens your legs and the rest of your body! This can be the following things:

  • Shoes that protrude above the ankle
  • Colorfully strong tights that contrast with the dress or the shoes
  • Skirts that go beyond the knee
  • Shoes with a lightly contrasting toe cap
  • Absolute no-go are socks with open shoes. Exceptions are not visible feet


Pay attention to these tips and you can put your dress and even in flat shoes skillfully in scene. Especially on days when you will be on your feet for a long time , your feet will thank you the choice for the flat models!