Pedicure – make nail care yourself!

Toenails are often neglected in many people, in contrast to the fingernails. However, just toenails require special care , since the feet are usually more strained than the hands. They are locked up in socks and shoes most of the day, often sweaty in the summer and burdened with their entire body weight when walking and standing. In this article we show you the best tips for the pedicure – nail care for yourself .

Since the feet are hidden in socks and shoes most of the year, nail care is often neglected . At the latest in the summer when the barefoot starts, then the question arises, how to proceed to get beautiful feet. Who wants to save the expensive gear to the nail salon, has some opportunities to take the pedicure in your own hands.

Make nail care yourself – so go ahead

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The beginning of your nail care – foot baths to get started

At the beginning of your nail care you start with a foot bath. This not only relaxes you wonderfully, but also prepares your toes and toenails perfectly for the subsequent treatment. So skin and nails are so so slightly soaked and can be processed better later.

The optimum temperature of the water should be about 40 ° Celsius and the bathing process should be about 10 minutes . There are also special bath products that further enhance the effect of the foot bath.

Remove the cornea

The removal of the cornea also belongs to the pedicure. To remove them gently, a pumice is best. After a 10 minute foot bath, the cornea is soaked and can be removed by gently rubbing it off. This type of corneal removal should be performed on a regular basis to reduce the cornea over the long term and avoiding bad spots.

If the cornea can not be removed with a pumice stone, stubborn cornea can be treated with a corneal rasp.

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Cut toenails properly

The nail care itself is of course also the cutting of toenails. For this you use a clean nail scissors with a rounded tip or a nail clipper. Cut off the toenails so that the nail edge ends at the same height as the tip of the toe. Also, be sure to cut the nails straight . This prevents ingrown nails, inflammation and pressure points in the shoe.

Never cut the nails too short. Then the toe would not be sufficiently protected against impact or the pressure of the shoes. Inflammation can be the result and the pedicure would do more harm than good.

File toenails

For proper nail care after cutting of course also includes the filing of the toenails. If you would like to do this yourself, use a file as fine as possible. Sandpaper or glass files usually provide the best results.

Toenails are filed not only for visual reasons. The process also protects the nail from tearing and sticking or snagging on fabric such as socks. When filing make sure to always file in the direction of growth of the nail . Avoid scratching wildly, this would just roughen the nails and increase the risk of tearing.

Remove cuticle

The next step in your pedicure concerns your cuticle. For nail care, remove the excess cuticle around the edges of the toenails. At best, use a slightly sharpened stick of rosewood. With this push back the cuticle carefully . This will keep your nail bed clean and avoid painful inflammation.

If the cuticle can not be removed properly, even though it has a foot bath, treat it with a cuticle remover .

Paint nails

In the last step of making your own nail care , you can make cosmetic changes to your nails with nail polish as needed. Make sure, however, that you only apply the varnish shortly before the cuticle. This ensures a clean effect of the paint. If you use colored nail polish, you should first apply clear lacquer so that your toenails do not discolour.

Cream feet – Finish nail care

A final care with a rich cream forms the conclusion of a good pedicure . The ingredients urea and salicylic acid are especially suitable for harsh areas. However, active ingredients such as farnesol make life difficult for bacteria.

After these steps, your feet are ready for airy shoes and barefoot running. Matching models can be found in our summer collection on tessamino.