Foot exercises in everyday life – top 5 exercises for spring!

It has long been known that healthy feet can make a significant contribution to your fitness. After all, healthy, fit feet signal the complex nervous system of your body that you can walk through life blithely. In addition to wearing high-quality comfortable shoes, you can actively contribute to your foot health with the right foot exercise. We would like to introduce you to the best exercises here.

Step by step foot exercise instructions

With these exercises, you and your feet will be fit for everyday life. To help you understand the exercises, we’ll show you each exercise in a step-by-step series of pictures . Each individual foot exercise should be repeated at least 10 times. It is recommended to repeat the entire foot exercise program at least 2-3 times a week. First, take off your shoes for the foot gymnastics. You can keep your socks on, but a few exercises are more effective barefoot .

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1. Turning – Beneficial for the ankles

Perform this exercise while sitting on a chair. Place your feet parallel to each other so that they do not touch each other. Lift one foot and turn it slowly and deliberately 10 times clockwise and 10 times counterclockwise (Figure 1-4) . Put the foot down again and repeat the exercise with the other foot. If you are a little more experienced in this exercise, you can perform the exercise (as well as all subsequent exercises) on each foot three times. If you want to do something for your abdominal and leg muscles at the same time , raise both feet at the same time .

2. Cancel – How good is the motor function of your feet?

Place a small object, such as a pen, on the ground and lift it with your toes . This is a wonderful and effective foot gym that aims at foot muscles and toe joints. Repeat tossing with your toes 10 times with each foot.

  • • Place your foot comfortably in front of the object and shift your weight to a support leg (Fig. 1)
  • Grasp the item with the toes of the other foot (Fig.2)
  • Lift it up slowly (Fig. 3)
  • Slowly lower the object to the ground again

How long can you hold the pen? Do not cheat by sliding the pen between your toes. You will soon realize with which foot you are fitter. Your toes are once properly put to the test. If the exercise is too strenuous for you, you can do it while sitting down.

3. Unroll – Activate all toe joints

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Most people neglect the correct rolling of their feet while walking. Exercise the following exercise once a day and the well-being of your feet will increase noticeably. This foot exercise is performed while sitting on a chair.

  • Put on the leg and put your foot on tiptoe. Practice some pressure here. Hold this position for a few seconds (Fig.1)
  • Stretch the leg and place the foot on the heel. (Fig.2)
  • Pull the toes towards the tip of the nose. Hold this position for a few seconds (Fig.3)
  • This foot exercise can also be performed wonderfully with both feet at the same time (Fig.4)

Slowly perform this foot exercise and gradually stretch your foot a bit further – but only as far as you are comfortable. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

4. Stretching – your instinct will thank you

Your feet are more articulated than you think – in everyday life, many tendons and joints are little demanded. When is the foot ever really stretched out? Change this and extend one leg straight forward and press the toes very far forward (Fig.1). Tighten the toes toward the face (Fig.3).

Again, you can do something for the abdominal and leg muscles again. Simply lift both legs simultaneously (Fig.4). For this exercise you can hold on to a table or chair for more stability.

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5. Unrolling – Massage for the sole of the foot

For this foot exercise you will need a ball the size of a tennis ball and a chair. Because this exercise is performed while sitting.

  • Put the ball in front of the chair and sit down. Place your foot on the ball and press the individual toes against it (Fig.1)
  • Roll the ball over the sole of the foot with slight pressure (Fig.2)
  • Perform the movement to the heel and place the heel on it for a short time (Fig.3)

Press your sole just as hard against the ball as it will do you good. This ensures a soothing foot massage, which immediately ensures a good circulation of the feet . Optionally, you can take a nubbly or massage ball – even a slightly larger ball is suitable, the foot exercise is then just a little more difficult.

The toe and heel

This foot exercise trains the entire feet, as well as the calf muscles. Walk on tiptoe a few meters (Fig. 1) and walk this distance back on your heels (Fig.2.). This may look a bit strange, but it does not miss its effect. In addition, so also your sense of balance is trained.

Prevent diseases with foot exercises

A quarter of human bones are in the foot. The foot is anatomically so complex that you should invest some time in strengthening your joints and muscles. People with circulatory problems can use their proper foot exercises to bleed their feet and legs well, and in case of a diabetic foot, doctors even recommend practicing foot exercises every day . In addition, our foot exercises are ideal for a long flight or a long train ride to prevent thrombosis.

Give it a try, your feet and your health will thank you.