Fit in the fall – Get your immune system up to speed

Autumn is not just a transition to the colder and darker winter. In the often still golden, valuable autumn days one puts rather the bases for the strengthening of the immune system. With a few basic activities, appropriate footwear out in the wild and varied, healthy diet have cold and Co. even in the following winter only a few opportunities to prevail against the body’s defense.

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What supports the immune system from the inside

The physical defense has to do a lot, especially in autumn and winter. This is not because more pathogens are on the move, but is the result of our prolonged stay in confined spaces with other people. However, you can do a lot for the immune system in the fall. First of all, certain foods and nutrients are available. Positive effects on the defense function of our organism include:

  • the intake of fruits and vegetables with the corresponding phytochemicals
  • vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • zinc
  • the warming and fortifying ginger as a tea or spice
  • propolis
  • Natural medicines such as Echinacea and Cistus.

Bear in mind that in our latitudes between mid-October and March, sunlight is insufficient to produce endogenous vitamin D. Scientific findings are increasingly underlining the importance of vitamin D for the body’s defenses. One can consider taking a dietary supplement here.

On every occasion: Out in nature in comfortable shoes

To promote the immune system, extensive autumn walks are recommended. Regular exercise is generally an important element in building up the immune system, as the organism is promoted in this way. In addition, the body gets used to cold stimuli and changed climatic conditions that bring autumn and winter with it. When moving outdoors, you should pay particular attention to your breathing. Doctors advise breathing through the nose during cold seasons, as it filters out dirt and dust particles from the air. Inhalation through the mouth causes irritation in the mucous membranes and may cause sore throat. Particular care should be taken to protect sensitive areas such as the head, hands and feet. Therefore, the basic equipment for cold seasons include hat, gloves and warm socks.

Comfort shoes make autumn walks even more enjoyable. It boast ankle boots or sneakers and look fashionable on fall days and equally elegant.

Classic biker boots or elegant lace-ups have a youthful charm and give a special touch. Especially on cooler autumn days should be paid to a pleasant and especially on a warm food. The matching autumn shoes dispel cloudy mood and cold feet. So it is fashionable and comfortable on forest floor and through colorful piles of leaves.

Take advantage of natural daylight at every opportunity. This also strengthens the defense and the well-being, as the light counteracts the emergence of the dreaded “winter blues”. Anyone who is out there will not tire so easily.

What else can you do?

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Anything that hardens the body, thus compels it to respond to external stimuli, ultimately benefits your immune system. Sauna visits and showers are possible . Although just the cold fountains quite overcame cost, the body rewards these efforts with a good health. The visit of a sauna has a particularly positive effect on the immune system. By stimulating the blood circulation and increasing the oxygen content in the blood, defense bodies are released and the metabolism is increased. Also improves the appearance of the skin. Due to the optimal nutrients due to the stimulated blood circulation, it tends to appear fine-pored and radiantly fine.

A light shower is also an important part of health and well-being in autumn and winter. If the natural light is not enough, you can sit at home under special daylight lamps.

Finally it says: Sleep well. Sufficient sleep is particularly important in autumn and winter, so that the body can regenerate again and again. In the fall you may well “downshift a gear”. Nature and wildlife make it happen. You also deserve a little rest after your walk. Your immune system will thank you.

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