Combine Socks – The Trends and No-Go’s!

A garment, which is usually given little importance in terms of style, are the socks. Often these are picked out indiscriminately and are not adapted to the style of clothing at all. The right choice of socks for many outfits offers great styling potential. They can give your look a very personal touch. The wrong choice of socks, however, can devalue your outfit significantly and even make it look ridiculous. What socks trends and what absolute no-go’s are, is explained below.

The perfect socks for a business look

For the suit long stockings are a must. For bare skin between pants and shoes are a no-go in everyday business life. Classic knee socks avoid these ugly skin blitzes.

The color of stockings is also very important. Dark colors like black or gray can easily be combined with almost any business outfit. If you like it a bit more eye-catching yet stylish, the color of the hosiery matches the color of the rest of the clothes. It should be noted that the stockings have a slightly darker color than the suit trousers.

Although it is also possible to wear colorful or even stockings with patterns to suit, however, these combinations require a greater degree of style awareness. Inexperienced therefore we advise against these daring combinations.

Wear pumps with socks

To wear socks in pumps is actually a no-go. In recent years, however, this daring combination has been used by some stars. If you want to be inspired by yourself, you have a few options.

For example, black or white mesh socks work well with pumps of the same color. As a rule, this combination looks serious and elegant. However, the overall outfit should not show too much skin.

In addition, glitter socks can be worn in open heels. There you serve as an eye-catcher. This look is more suitable for women with a higher sense of style, because if combined wrong, the look can look ridiculous.

The no-go’s

    • Unfortunately, wearing socks in ballerinas does not work in the cold season either. In times when you are too cold to wear ballerinas without socks, it is best to switch to sneakers or classic lace-ups.
    • Even in sandals socks are an absolute no-go. Especially white tennis socks are among the classic mistakes in the sandals-socks area.
    • Brash sock colors should generally be avoided. Most of the time, your outfit will look frivolous and childish.