Combine Ballerinas – How To Wear Ballerinas!

Ballerinas are classic slip-on shoes, which owe their name to the visually very similar ballet shoes. The popular models belong to the ladies’ shoe classics par excellence. How to properly combine ballerinas and what makes good ballerinas , we explain in this post!

Not only in the past few years have ballerinas distinguished themselves as typical ladies’ shoe classics . Already since the middle of the 20th century, the simple, yet extremely comfortable slippers have achieved an international breakthrough. At that time, well-known stars like Audrey Hepburn made the models on the front page of Vogue public notoriety. Today, the ballerinas are a fashionable all-purpose weapon, which can be worn properly combined for any occasion. But Ballerina is not equal Ballerina. First and foremost, therefore, find out what types of ballerinas exist and what makes each group.

Properly combine strappy ballerinas

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Strappy ballerinas are true classics among ballerinas. And not only because of the chic designs and the eye-catching patterns. The straps serve with the ballerinas in addition to the refined optics namely as an individually adjustable closure option . The lightweight women’s shoes can be adapted so much closer to your personal foot shape and pressure and friction are avoided in this way.

The Ballerina Trend is mainly determined by comfortable strappy ballerinas . Particularly fashionable are straight models with chic ankle strap. In order to combine the strappy ballerinas properly you should ideally wear a wide skirt or a light summer dress. But also hippie-style trousers are perfectly suited to the comfortable summer shoes this summer.

Outfits to point ballerinas

Pointed ballerinas are also very trendy. The slim cut of the models lends wide feet a slim shape and makes them look daintier. With very small feet, on the other hand, you can still gain some important centimeters of foot length through the long tip.

Pointed ballerinas can be perfectly combined with trendy skinny jeans or skirts. The jeans will at best beat you at the ankle once or twice. These match denim jackets or dark leather jackets.

Combine classic ballerinas with round lace

Then of course there are the classic ballerina models with round toe and no straps . These models are the original type of ballerinas and at the same time the most common.

Classically, ballerinas with round toe can be perfectly combined with any type of pants and skirt. It is not for nothing that we speak of true all-rounders. Especially fitting you can wear simple models with a round tip to the skinny jeans and leather jacket.

Tall and slim with the right ballerinas

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The simplest solution is choosing the right clothes. By grabbing the same color as your ballerinas with the trousers or the skirt, your body will not be visually interrupted and a smooth yet elegant transition will be created, which makes the figure look tall and slender.

Another way to visually extend the legs is a vertical stripe pants. It is best to use a pair of slim trousers that emphasize the ankles in the ballerinas. Suitable for this are, for example, skin-colored ballerinas. The elongated assorted stripes in combination with the above color extend your feet in the overall picture and create a slimming effect.

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