Combine Socks – The Trends and No-Go’s!

A garment, which is usually given little importance in terms of style, are the socks. Often these are picked out indiscriminately and are not adapted to the style of clothing at all. The right choice of socks for many outfits offers great styling potential. They can give your look a very personal touch. The wrong choice of socks, however, can devalue your outfit significantly and even make it look ridiculous. What socks trends and what absolute no-go’s are, is explained below.

The perfect socks for a business look

For the suit long stockings are a must. For bare skin between pants and shoes are a no-go in everyday business life. Classic knee socks avoid these ugly skin blitzes.

The color of stockings is also very important. Dark colors like black or gray can easily be combined with almost any business outfit. If you like it a bit more eye-catching yet stylish, the color of the hosiery matches the color of the rest of the clothes. It should be noted that the stockings have a slightly darker color than the suit trousers.

Although it is also possible to wear colorful or even stockings with patterns to suit, however, these combinations require a greater degree of style awareness. Inexperienced therefore we advise against these daring combinations.

Wear pumps with socks

To wear socks in pumps is actually a no-go. In recent years, however, this daring combination has been used by some stars. If you want to be inspired by yourself, you have a few options.

For example, black or white mesh socks work well with pumps of the same color. As a rule, this combination looks serious and elegant. However, the overall outfit should not show too much skin.

In addition, glitter socks can be worn in open heels. There you serve as an eye-catcher. This look is more suitable for women with a higher sense of style, because if combined wrong, the look can look ridiculous.

The no-go’s

    • Unfortunately, wearing socks in ballerinas does not work in the cold season either. In times when you are too cold to wear ballerinas without socks, it is best to switch to sneakers or classic lace-ups.
    • Even in sandals socks are an absolute no-go. Especially white tennis socks are among the classic mistakes in the sandals-socks area.
    • Brash sock colors should generally be avoided. Most of the time, your outfit will look frivolous and childish.

Flat Feet – Causes & Prevention

Flat feet rarely come alone, depending on the severity of the deformity may cause discomfort. What factors favor the formation of flat feet and are there ways to counteract flat feet? These questions we follow in this blog post.

How is a flatfoot created?

A flat foot is created by lowering the longitudinal arch of the foot. This is easily recognized by the footprint. If the ligaments and muscles in the foot can no longer hold the longitudinal arch, it sinks and the foot is in full contact with the floor. If the Haltestatik no longer exists in the foot, the foot does not straighten up in the unloaded state, is spoken of a flat foot. There is a distinction between a congenital and an acquired flatfoot . The congenital flat foot is a hereditary malformation that exists from birth and may be associated with other malformations. The acquired flatfoot, however, develops in the course of life and requires treatment only in case of discomfort.

Causes of flat feet

The cause of flat feet is overloading of the longitudinal arch, among other things due to heavy obesity . In addition, congenital connective tissue weaknesses can cause flat feet, causing the ligaments and tendons in the foot to diminish with increasing age, causing the arch of the foot to slowly sink. Not to be despised is the choice of the wrong footwear. Too tight shoes , the toe and bale freedom is limited, with the result that the important muscles are not activated while running and they regress. This process initially manifests itself in a kinking foot , which then passes to the flat foot.

Causes of flat feet in short:

  • overweight
  • Congenital connective tissue weaknesses
  • Too tight shoes
  • arthritis
  • arthrosis

Diagnosis and treatment of flat feet

A flatfoot is already visible to the naked eye. Unlike a healthy foot, the inside of the foot lies completely on the ground. A congenital flat foot can be determined by X-ray: If the foot bones are deformed, this is an unmistakable sign of a congenital flat foot. To treat a flat foot this is divided into five severity levels, so as to guarantee an optimal treatment.

Severity 1: The flatfoot is only slightly pronounced and can be corrected by the doctor. The patient can influence the malposition even through exercises.

Severity 2: The foot is still flexible and can be treated by the doctor. In this case, the Achilles tendon has already shortened slightly.

Severity 3: The Achilles tendon is significantly shortened and the rear foot part points slightly outwards (kink foot). The malposition can only be partially corrected by conservative treatment.

Severity 4: To pronounced shortening of the Achilles tendon and the kink foot is the spreading of the forefoot added. The malposition is so severe that a conservative treatment is only possible to a limited extent.

Severity 5: The flatfoot can not be corrected. The entire foot has due to the strong deformity on a deformation of the entire foot.

Purely aesthetically, a flat foot does not look pretty, but as long as there are no complaints with the malposition, a flat foot is completely unproblematic. However, if discomfort occurs in the ankle or ligaments, surgery can provide relief. For this a corresponding diagnosis of a doctor must be obtained.

Good to know:

Babies are born with flat feet. The adolescent flatfoot grows out at puberty and assumes the normal shape of the foot when it develops optimally.

Prevent flat feet

Walk a lot barefoot ! Because this activates and trains the muscles , ligaments and tendons in the foot. Consequently, the feet can endure more and the risk of a flat foot is counteracted. Practical are also various exercises for the feet , if you already suffer from flat feet. This can avoid that the flat foot continues to develop. Very important, of course, are the matching shoes with a pleasant width and with appropriate toe freedom. Our comfortable footwear by Natural Feet is perfect. Not only are they extremely flexible due to the deerskin, they also convince with the comfortable shoe width H.

Quickly and easily find the perfect shoes for the dress

Do you know the following situation: You really want to wear beautiful clothes, but you can not decide which shoes to wear for each dress ? Many women think that dresses can only be worn with pumps. Whether other shoes can be worn to dresses and what should be observed in this blog post.

Which shoes are suitable for the dress and which are not

First, keep in mind that your shoes should fit the dress and occasion . A festive dress should not be combined with slippers. Just look at the dress to see if it should be casual, sporty or elegant, and so choose your shoes.

Each outfit can be accented with the right shoes. This means: It is entirely in your hands whether you want to make your look more chic or if you want to give it a rather casual touch . Shoes with heels such as pumps or fine sandals make every dress more chic and give the look an elegant finishing touch. For floor-length dresses, keep in mind that the heel height of your shoes should be tailored to the skirt length so you will not step on your dress. Would you prefer a casual look? Then simply combine everyday clothes with sports shoes, slippers or flat sandals .

Dare – play with colors

With so-called “color doubling” you can set both your outfit and your shoes to the dress refined. And that’s so easy! You only need shoes in the color that appears in your dress. Color doubling not only makes your outfit look harmonious, but also puts you in the limelight optically stylish.

Extravagant shoes beautify every simple dress. For example, shoes with studs, embroidery, fringes or snakeskin shoes make the dress, and thus your own look much more exciting, lively and unique!

In the fashion world are also allowed different style breaks. Rocky boots with a romantic dress testify to courage and style awareness. Try it! Especially on warm and sunny days, the trend Color-Blocking inspires everyone. Color blocking combines the outfit and the accessories in two to three contrasting colors. Color games with bright colors are the top priority! In short, it’s a perfect way to combine gaudy shoes into a dress while being a colorful trendsetter!

The benefits of matching shoes to the dress

Block paragraphs:

  • Block and wedge heels stretch the figure and make the body appear much narrower.
  • Pumps with block heels can be worn for hours without hurting the feet.

Lace Pumps:

  • Pointed Pumps not only look gorgeous, but their tapering shape makes them extend the foot and legs. Especially with dresses, this is a desired side effect.

Pumps in nude tones:

  • Pumps in nude tones have the same effect as pointed pumps. At first glance, they are not recognizable separately from the legs because of the color and therefore make the legs look longer.

Shoes to the dress in winter

Fortunately, you can wear dresses in every season. There are no limits to the question of which shoes can be worn with the dress in winter. Even on colder days clothes can be worn with slightly thicker and tall stockings and low shoes. Rounded off by a warm woolen cap, the dreamlike winter look is complete.

Another option is to combine dresses with cardigans, vests or ponchos. This not only keeps you warm, but fits perfectly with boots and ankle boots. As a side note, if your stockings and shoes are the same color, your legs will look longer with this side effect . Shoes with patterns should only be worn with plain and simple dresses if possible.

Which shoes fit the knit dress

In order not to fall into the winter blues, cuddly warm knit dresses lift the mood. Here are a few tips on how to make your knitwear even more sophisticated with the right shoes.

Color-coordinated shoes for a knit look

One of the most popular and classic looks are knit dresses with high boots . It’s up to you whether you prefer boots with high or low heels. Optionally, you can perfect the outfit with a color-coordinated and matching knit dress lipstick and voila – your outfit was with a few style elements to an irresistible eye-catcher!

Take the chance and tune your simple, plain knit dress with a patterned scarf and with low shoes. Lace-ups in different variations are needed here, which keep the foot warm and as waterproof as possible in bad weather. Here are stockings or leggings the icing on the cake with every look. Or would you rather combine your knit dress with great ankle boots? Here you can set accents with the help of unique upper materials or magical glitter prints.

Cozy and trendy – shoes for oversize knit dress

If you’re not the tight-sleeved type, try oversize knit dresses. These are not only comfortable, but fit perfectly with boots of all kinds. With a woolen hat and a matching color bag, you and your shoes set in a sophisticated manner. If simple boots or bootees have too little informative value, you can fall back on ankle boots with fur or teddy lining, which score visibly outwardly with a cozy cuddly atmosphere. A stylish and cozy look – how magic!

Fine knit look for everyday work with matching shoes

In everyday working life it is difficult to find shoes for a knit dress and also to look stylish and professional. Try a blazer with a knit dress and high boots. Boots not only keep you warm, they also look phenomenal. If you want to bring more elegance into the office, you can try the following: Combine a knit dress with a V-neck with a white shirt and great boots such as the boot Florina.

The trendsetter – knit dresses with rock boots

Would you rather be bolder and crazier? Let your knit dress merge with a leather jacket and ankle boots to a feminine, rocking winter outfit ! In coordinated shades you will be a true style icon with this combination! Choose between biker boots, patent-leather ankle boots and booties in taupe or brown tones, and get you into the cold season.

Figure flattering long knit dresses

Very long knit dresses should not be combined with boots, because the long knit dress “swallows” the boots. Therefore, we recommend you to wear ankle boots or loafers such as fashionable lace-ups for very long knit dresses. The exceptions are very long knit dresses with a high side slit, as this does not cover the boots, but sets extra while running in scene. Let your preferences and creativity run wild. Play with colors and create with your shoes to knit dress your personal knit look!

Shoes for evening dress

A dress for the spotlight, the evening dress! A glamorous appearance is guaranteed with the right evening dress . However, a dress only comes into its own if the right shoes are combined. Of course, the choice of course falls on pumps ! Summery stilettos or seductive high heels give the evening dress the necessary grace.

Floor-length evening dresses are less suitable for flat shoes, because you have to choose an appropriate heel so that the dress floats slightly above the floor. Short cocktail dresses in subtle shades gain in appeal through colorful or detailed strappy pumps. You can follow a very simple rule when choosing your evening dress shoes :

The more subtle the dress the more you can dare the shoes, of course, always according to the occasion.

Do you already have a pair of pumps for the next celebration in mind? Discover at tessamino attractive and comfortable pumps for every occasion.

Flat shoes to the dress

You want to wear a dress, but you do not want high-heeled shoes? No problem, we’ll show you how to put on the perfect show even in flat shoes . But first of all, the challenge you face with flat shoes on the dress : High shoes give you more leg length and stretch your entire body. So you look slimmer and more elegant.

Adding unfavorable style elements to flat shoes can achieve exactly the opposite effect. It could then happen that you are perceived as stronger than you are in reality.

Skillfully combine flat shoes with a dress

Use styling elements for your look that visually lengthen your legs. This can be, for example, the following:

  • Shoes with pointed toe
  • Shoes with open instep
  • monochrome tights without pattern
  • Shoes with a thin sole


Avoid anything that visually shortens or strengthens your legs and the rest of your body! This can be the following things:

  • Shoes that protrude above the ankle
  • Colorfully strong tights that contrast with the dress or the shoes
  • Skirts that go beyond the knee
  • Shoes with a lightly contrasting toe cap
  • Absolute no-go are socks with open shoes. Exceptions are not visible feet


Pay attention to these tips and you can put your dress and even in flat shoes skillfully in scene. Especially on days when you will be on your feet for a long time , your feet will thank you the choice for the flat models!

Styleguide: Which shoes are suitable for which outfit?

A full wardrobe and no idea what shoes to wear? In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can easily complete your outfit with the right shoes, taking into account a few style rules. Which shoes you can best combine with a dress, skirt or jeans can be found here!

What fits boots and ankle boots?

As in any autumn / winter season , the crucial questions arise: How are the new boots or ankle boots worn? To which garment can the boots be combined? Does the pants come out or in?

You can save yourself all these grueling questions! What’s hot is what you like. Just note a few tips to make the boot outfit a well-balanced and balanced thing.

  • Sneaker socks in ankle boots avoid unsightly sock speed cameras! Or if it’s too cold, how about using colorful winter socks instead as a chic splash of color?
  • Wide boyfriend jeans or bootcut jeans should never be squeezed into ankle boots or boots! This gives unsightly wrinkles and breaks any look. Just carted over the boot shaft that just looks better!
  • Stiletto heels on boots and strong calves are not compatible at all and put the legs unfavorably in scene. More practical and advantageous is a block heel that flatters the leg much more!


Discover your experimentation!

So that you can orientate yourself with the whole boot and ankle boots models , we have put together a few styling combinations.

Ankle boots with a narrow shaft combine ideally with skinny jeans. For a modern look, flip the hem of the pants once. The narrow shaft in combination with the tight trousers and the block heel can also be beneficial for strong calves.

A casually casual look is created in combination with a boyfriend jeans! Either the jeans are rolled up or worn over the ankle boots, so you can set your own accents! For the elegant business look, the ankle boots combine into a pencil skirt and opaque tights. This is how everyday office life becomes a catwalk!

Flat ankle boots in biker look give every outfit a touch of wildness. Especially the contrast between a feminine playful skirt and masculine biker boots makes the appeal here. Biker Boots also like to deliberately break the rules of style, as this is exactly how new trends and styles are created.

Combine boots, but how?

Boots with flat heels are true everyday miracles and score not only with their coziness. The flat heel and the simple design make it indispensable for long working days! How about combining boots into tight pants? With delicate details and different prints made of high-quality leather, a fashionable rider look is created! Combined with a knee-length heavy knit or felt skirt, you’ve found the right companion in your boot. This creates a balanced natural style, which is completed by the discreet boots.

Boots with a block heel not only cheat a few centimeters in height, but hide subtly strong calves. With a body-conscious simple dress and a long and long cardigan, an early autumn style emerges.


Outfits for low shoes – all-rounder for everyday life

Loafers can be elegant, casual, classic or sporty, depending on the model. This depends entirely on your personality and also on what you want to say with your look.

At what seasons do you complete your outfit with loafers?

Loafers can be worn in every season, because the models are real all-rounder. Of course, the classic seasons for loafers are spring and autumn. In this style guide for loafers we show you which outfits the models are to be combined with.

The casual look

The casual look is quick and easy to put together and is ideal for a day off or short shopping trip. Combine a skinny jeans or a boyfriend jeans with a white top and a matching lace-up – best of all a Budapest in discreet nude tones. This fits perfectly with your leisure look. Incidentally, the casual Oufit emphasizes your strong self-confidence, because it shows that you look good even in a simple outfit.

The elegant look

You want to present yourself in an elegant look? For this purpose, you will purposefully resort to a chic lace-up, depending on your personal taste with a pattern and preferably in serious colors such as black or dark blue. Combine it with a suit suit of the same color, a light blouse and a jacket in the color of your suit trousers. Your outfit is perfect for a workday in the office, it looks classy, ​​feminine and puts you in the limelight.

The classic look

For a classic look, wear a swinging or knee-length dress on fine days paired with a discreet necklace. Combine this with a simple slipper with a metallic shine as an eye-catcher.

For such a slipper, you can also, and especially in bad weather, wear a matching color trench coat with tights. In spring fashion, the desire for skirts beckons. Here is a combination of a skirt skirt in length of your choice and a white blouse perfect. Those who are not fans of skirts can wear a nice jumpsuit with their slippers in summer. Already you present yourself in a classic and at the same time very fashion-conscious.

The sporty look

Down jackets, bomber jackets or leather jackets are perfect for a sporty outfit. The sporty look can be worn in every season. For the colder seasons is a jogging jeans and a warm down jacket – and of course not to forget a cool shoe. This can be more sporty or simple, depending on your individual taste. When the temperatures rise then a pair of shorts and a classic-sporty top to a shoe with a white sole is ideal for a sporty everyday outfit. With this casual look you are often rated as sympathetic from the first glance. In addition, you will always feel comfortable in the sporty outfits and look very good at the same time.

With our styling guide for shoes you have always a perfect outfit for every season! Each look reflects a different side of you and tells people around you about your personality.

Dare the new combinations! Discover new sides of yourself with the different looks. Dare and spice up your outfits with the matching low shoes!

Combine pumps

Pumps are the first choice when it comes to mastering everyday life with a little elegance. Pumps can combine every woman, it depends only on how she wants to stage and which pump variation flatters her leg.

Pumps are available in countless variations: stiletto heels, peep-toes or the classic pumps conjure up a slender leg and emphasize the feminine charms. Because they are so versatile, they are so popular.

No matter what outfit – Pumps always go

For casual jeans, the airy summer dress or the business outfit for a serious appearance, you can combine pumps to any outfit. The whole outfit looks a little more elegant and glamorous with the pumps. Pastel-colored pumps in combination with a pair of jeans and a loose blouse that matches the color of the shoes, is a casual office outfit that does not lack the necessary seriousness. A monochrome business trouser suit can be combined with the matching pumps to break the strict form with female charms. One should only be careful to combine as muted colors, as strong and bright colors in the business world look dubious.

Strappy pumps or slingback pumps ideally fit on a summery dress or a pretty circle skirt, so the legs are perfectly staged.

Combine Ballerinas – How To Wear Ballerinas!

Ballerinas are classic slip-on shoes, which owe their name to the visually very similar ballet shoes. The popular models belong to the ladies’ shoe classics par excellence. How to properly combine ballerinas and what makes good ballerinas , we explain in this post!

Not only in the past few years have ballerinas distinguished themselves as typical ladies’ shoe classics . Already since the middle of the 20th century, the simple, yet extremely comfortable slippers have achieved an international breakthrough. At that time, well-known stars like Audrey Hepburn made the models on the front page of Vogue public notoriety. Today, the ballerinas are a fashionable all-purpose weapon, which can be worn properly combined for any occasion. But Ballerina is not equal Ballerina. First and foremost, therefore, find out what types of ballerinas exist and what makes each group.

Properly combine strappy ballerinas

Image result for ballerina flats

Strappy ballerinas are true classics among ballerinas. And not only because of the chic designs and the eye-catching patterns. The straps serve with the ballerinas in addition to the refined optics namely as an individually adjustable closure option . The lightweight women’s shoes can be adapted so much closer to your personal foot shape and pressure and friction are avoided in this way.

The Ballerina Trend is mainly determined by comfortable strappy ballerinas . Particularly fashionable are straight models with chic ankle strap. In order to combine the strappy ballerinas properly you should ideally wear a wide skirt or a light summer dress. But also hippie-style trousers are perfectly suited to the comfortable summer shoes this summer.

Outfits to point ballerinas

Pointed ballerinas are also very trendy. The slim cut of the models lends wide feet a slim shape and makes them look daintier. With very small feet, on the other hand, you can still gain some important centimeters of foot length through the long tip.

Pointed ballerinas can be perfectly combined with trendy skinny jeans or skirts. The jeans will at best beat you at the ankle once or twice. These match denim jackets or dark leather jackets.

Combine classic ballerinas with round lace

Then of course there are the classic ballerina models with round toe and no straps . These models are the original type of ballerinas and at the same time the most common.

Classically, ballerinas with round toe can be perfectly combined with any type of pants and skirt. It is not for nothing that we speak of true all-rounders. Especially fitting you can wear simple models with a round tip to the skinny jeans and leather jacket.

Tall and slim with the right ballerinas

Image result for ballerina flats

The simplest solution is choosing the right clothes. By grabbing the same color as your ballerinas with the trousers or the skirt, your body will not be visually interrupted and a smooth yet elegant transition will be created, which makes the figure look tall and slender.

Another way to visually extend the legs is a vertical stripe pants. It is best to use a pair of slim trousers that emphasize the ankles in the ballerinas. Suitable for this are, for example, skin-colored ballerinas. The elongated assorted stripes in combination with the above color extend your feet in the overall picture and create a slimming effect.

Discover now our Ballerina range with many colorful colors and chic designs. Enjoy browsing!

Foot exercises in everyday life – top 5 exercises for spring!

It has long been known that healthy feet can make a significant contribution to your fitness. After all, healthy, fit feet signal the complex nervous system of your body that you can walk through life blithely. In addition to wearing high-quality comfortable shoes, you can actively contribute to your foot health with the right foot exercise. We would like to introduce you to the best exercises here.

Step by step foot exercise instructions

With these exercises, you and your feet will be fit for everyday life. To help you understand the exercises, we’ll show you each exercise in a step-by-step series of pictures . Each individual foot exercise should be repeated at least 10 times. It is recommended to repeat the entire foot exercise program at least 2-3 times a week. First, take off your shoes for the foot gymnastics. You can keep your socks on, but a few exercises are more effective barefoot .

Related image

1. Turning – Beneficial for the ankles

Perform this exercise while sitting on a chair. Place your feet parallel to each other so that they do not touch each other. Lift one foot and turn it slowly and deliberately 10 times clockwise and 10 times counterclockwise (Figure 1-4) . Put the foot down again and repeat the exercise with the other foot. If you are a little more experienced in this exercise, you can perform the exercise (as well as all subsequent exercises) on each foot three times. If you want to do something for your abdominal and leg muscles at the same time , raise both feet at the same time .

2. Cancel – How good is the motor function of your feet?

Place a small object, such as a pen, on the ground and lift it with your toes . This is a wonderful and effective foot gym that aims at foot muscles and toe joints. Repeat tossing with your toes 10 times with each foot.

  • • Place your foot comfortably in front of the object and shift your weight to a support leg (Fig. 1)
  • Grasp the item with the toes of the other foot (Fig.2)
  • Lift it up slowly (Fig. 3)
  • Slowly lower the object to the ground again

How long can you hold the pen? Do not cheat by sliding the pen between your toes. You will soon realize with which foot you are fitter. Your toes are once properly put to the test. If the exercise is too strenuous for you, you can do it while sitting down.

3. Unroll – Activate all toe joints

Image result for foot exercise

Most people neglect the correct rolling of their feet while walking. Exercise the following exercise once a day and the well-being of your feet will increase noticeably. This foot exercise is performed while sitting on a chair.

  • Put on the leg and put your foot on tiptoe. Practice some pressure here. Hold this position for a few seconds (Fig.1)
  • Stretch the leg and place the foot on the heel. (Fig.2)
  • Pull the toes towards the tip of the nose. Hold this position for a few seconds (Fig.3)
  • This foot exercise can also be performed wonderfully with both feet at the same time (Fig.4)

Slowly perform this foot exercise and gradually stretch your foot a bit further – but only as far as you are comfortable. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

4. Stretching – your instinct will thank you

Your feet are more articulated than you think – in everyday life, many tendons and joints are little demanded. When is the foot ever really stretched out? Change this and extend one leg straight forward and press the toes very far forward (Fig.1). Tighten the toes toward the face (Fig.3).

Again, you can do something for the abdominal and leg muscles again. Simply lift both legs simultaneously (Fig.4). For this exercise you can hold on to a table or chair for more stability.

Related image

5. Unrolling – Massage for the sole of the foot

For this foot exercise you will need a ball the size of a tennis ball and a chair. Because this exercise is performed while sitting.

  • Put the ball in front of the chair and sit down. Place your foot on the ball and press the individual toes against it (Fig.1)
  • Roll the ball over the sole of the foot with slight pressure (Fig.2)
  • Perform the movement to the heel and place the heel on it for a short time (Fig.3)

Press your sole just as hard against the ball as it will do you good. This ensures a soothing foot massage, which immediately ensures a good circulation of the feet . Optionally, you can take a nubbly or massage ball – even a slightly larger ball is suitable, the foot exercise is then just a little more difficult.

The toe and heel

This foot exercise trains the entire feet, as well as the calf muscles. Walk on tiptoe a few meters (Fig. 1) and walk this distance back on your heels (Fig.2.). This may look a bit strange, but it does not miss its effect. In addition, so also your sense of balance is trained.

Prevent diseases with foot exercises

A quarter of human bones are in the foot. The foot is anatomically so complex that you should invest some time in strengthening your joints and muscles. People with circulatory problems can use their proper foot exercises to bleed their feet and legs well, and in case of a diabetic foot, doctors even recommend practicing foot exercises every day . In addition, our foot exercises are ideal for a long flight or a long train ride to prevent thrombosis.

Give it a try, your feet and your health will thank you.

Pedicure – make nail care yourself!

Toenails are often neglected in many people, in contrast to the fingernails. However, just toenails require special care , since the feet are usually more strained than the hands. They are locked up in socks and shoes most of the day, often sweaty in the summer and burdened with their entire body weight when walking and standing. In this article we show you the best tips for the pedicure – nail care for yourself .

Since the feet are hidden in socks and shoes most of the year, nail care is often neglected . At the latest in the summer when the barefoot starts, then the question arises, how to proceed to get beautiful feet. Who wants to save the expensive gear to the nail salon, has some opportunities to take the pedicure in your own hands.

Make nail care yourself – so go ahead

Image result for foot bath

The beginning of your nail care – foot baths to get started

At the beginning of your nail care you start with a foot bath. This not only relaxes you wonderfully, but also prepares your toes and toenails perfectly for the subsequent treatment. So skin and nails are so so slightly soaked and can be processed better later.

The optimum temperature of the water should be about 40 ° Celsius and the bathing process should be about 10 minutes . There are also special bath products that further enhance the effect of the foot bath.

Remove the cornea

The removal of the cornea also belongs to the pedicure. To remove them gently, a pumice is best. After a 10 minute foot bath, the cornea is soaked and can be removed by gently rubbing it off. This type of corneal removal should be performed on a regular basis to reduce the cornea over the long term and avoiding bad spots.

If the cornea can not be removed with a pumice stone, stubborn cornea can be treated with a corneal rasp.

Related image

Cut toenails properly

The nail care itself is of course also the cutting of toenails. For this you use a clean nail scissors with a rounded tip or a nail clipper. Cut off the toenails so that the nail edge ends at the same height as the tip of the toe. Also, be sure to cut the nails straight . This prevents ingrown nails, inflammation and pressure points in the shoe.

Never cut the nails too short. Then the toe would not be sufficiently protected against impact or the pressure of the shoes. Inflammation can be the result and the pedicure would do more harm than good.

File toenails

For proper nail care after cutting of course also includes the filing of the toenails. If you would like to do this yourself, use a file as fine as possible. Sandpaper or glass files usually provide the best results.

Toenails are filed not only for visual reasons. The process also protects the nail from tearing and sticking or snagging on fabric such as socks. When filing make sure to always file in the direction of growth of the nail . Avoid scratching wildly, this would just roughen the nails and increase the risk of tearing.

Remove cuticle

The next step in your pedicure concerns your cuticle. For nail care, remove the excess cuticle around the edges of the toenails. At best, use a slightly sharpened stick of rosewood. With this push back the cuticle carefully . This will keep your nail bed clean and avoid painful inflammation.

If the cuticle can not be removed properly, even though it has a foot bath, treat it with a cuticle remover .

Paint nails

In the last step of making your own nail care , you can make cosmetic changes to your nails with nail polish as needed. Make sure, however, that you only apply the varnish shortly before the cuticle. This ensures a clean effect of the paint. If you use colored nail polish, you should first apply clear lacquer so that your toenails do not discolour.

Cream feet – Finish nail care

A final care with a rich cream forms the conclusion of a good pedicure . The ingredients urea and salicylic acid are especially suitable for harsh areas. However, active ingredients such as farnesol make life difficult for bacteria.

After these steps, your feet are ready for airy shoes and barefoot running. Matching models can be found in our summer collection on tessamino.

Back pain due to wrong shoes!

Too high, too tight, too hard. Few people would suspect their shoes as the cause of complaints, but wonder if the back hurts. Those who already suffer from back pain can benefit from switching to comfortable shoes. Find out what health shoes make and venture a critical look into your shoe cabinet.

Back pain – the wrong shoe is to blame

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Sad but true: 80% of Germans suffer from back pain . Many seek help in a new mattress or targeted back training. Only a few think of their backs with back pain. They carry us daily through the world – often under difficult conditions: In shoes without footbed, high heel and made of solid material, which does not adapt to the individual foot shape and can hardly provide a pleasant climate.

The wrong shoe and the health risk

According to studies by Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) eV, 75% of Germans wear the wrong shoes . Especially women prefer the chic pair of high heels and squeeze into tight instead of comfortable shoes . False shoes can interfere with the complex interaction of the muscles from the feet up to the back and thus the natural movement.

Any artificial position of the feet , such as those caused by high heels, must balance the spine. The calves are constantly tense, the body has to constantly balance, the feet can not roll naturally. Too tight shoes, on the other hand, disturb the blood circulation in the foot . But too big shoes can be dangerous, because the risk of buckling increases. The wrong shoe often has painful consequences : from sharp sciatic pain to severe and chronic back pain.

Comfortable shoes – the better barefoot

Many back victims believe they just have to run barefoot to compensate. This is a step in the right direction, but not sufficiently practicable in everyday life. A comfortable shoe is needed, but what should it look like?

Semicircular soles have been trendy for a while. So-called roll-off shoes may not look good, but they should be good for the back, even reduce back pain. However, studies showed that the desired success of the curved soles did not occur. In case of back pain due to false shoes, other criteria than artificially optimized unrolling are important.

Since every foot is individually different, off-the-peg shoes rarely meet the barefoot feeling . For example, only half of adults need a normal shoe width. 45% need a width H and only 5% need slim cut shoes.

That distinguishes good comfortable shoes

  • soft material (eg deerskin)
  • anatomical footbed
  • comfortable and adapted width (eg shoes in width H)
  • maximum heel height: 4 cm

Healthy shoes promote the development of the deep muscles and contribute to the stabilization of your musculoskeletal system . Better not risk your naturally healthy posture and your health. Experts advise to prevent this, which saves doctors aches and pains. For your next shoe purchase, put on comfortable shoes in width H – your back will thank you.

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Show Your Feet – Foot Care Tips

From season to season our feet do a lot. Whether wrapped in thick wool socks in winter or on hot sandy beaches in summer – the strain on our feet is immense. Therefore, good foot care is important so that well-groomed feet can be presented. In this post you will find tips on how you can also provide with self-made scrubs and foot baths for a pampering program for your feet.

Feet care in winter, but why?

Due to the low temperatures, our body narrows external vessels, causing our hands or feet are no longer supplied with sufficient blood. This causes our feet to get cold and start to freeze. To prevent this, we wear thick winter shoes and winter socks, which causes our feet to sweat. Dry skin, calluses on the heel and on the ball are the result. A pedicure program can help in the winter!

Step by step to presentable feet with the right foot care


The foot bath

A good foot care includes a soothing foot bath . Take warm and not too hot water. As an additive you can use special bath oils for feet . If you do not have bath oils on hand, you can easily create a homemade version: mix a cup of whole milk, two tablespoons of cream and eight drops of lemon oil and stir your home-made care additive into the water. As a little tip for well-groomed feet: If you put a tablespoon of mustard in the water, the circulation is stimulated. The bath can take about 15 minutes . Then bruise your feet nice and cold . This refreshes the circulation!

The removal of the cornea

After the bath, you can use a special foot file or even a pumice stone from the drugstore of the cornea on heel and bale to deal with. Of course, there are also electrical devices that facilitate the removal of the cornea.

The creaming of the feet

Maintain your feet in winter with rich creams and lotions . Apply the creams in the morning and in the evening. Let them work under thick socks overnight. For dry and chapped feet creams with urea and aloe vera are particularly suitable. Ingredients such as eucalyptus, rosemary or lavender stimulate blood circulation and have a warming effect.


Cutting the nails

Unlike the fingernails, toenails should be cut as straight as possible. This prevents the unsightly and sometimes quite painful ingrowth of the nail. Therefore, cut the nails straight and, of course, to a length .


The exfoliation

A cleansing scrub to complete the foot care gives the feet the finishing touch. Rinse your feet gently under clean water before starting the exfoliation. You can buy a special exfoliant in drugstores or you can just make your own exfoliation . It’s easy. To do this, use a little olive oil and sea salt . Mix it into a fine paste and rub your feet with it. The olive oil moisturizes and the fine salt crystals dissolve small dander and provide a pleasantly soft skin. As an alternative to sea salt, you can also use sugar. The self-made exfoliation not only cares for the feet, but you also know exactly what is in the scrub. In addition, it is very cost effective and has the same effect as a purchased peeling.

An ever more popular variant of the foot scrub is the so-called “fish pedicure”. In this case, you just leave the work to small fish nibbling dead skin cells. This can sometimes be tickling, but is considered a guarantee for extremely tender skin.


The painting of the nails after the foot care

Some nail polish completes the foot care. Whether gaudy candy tones , glamorous metal tones or noble pastel colors adorn your feet, it’s entirely up to you. Allowed is what pleases! So that the painting is not an acrobatic art number, there is of course a little trick here. Between the toes either small bits of handkerchiefs or cotton pads stuck, for nail polish lovers, the purchase of so-called toe spreaders made of foam is recommended. So you gain a little more space between the individual toes and can paint every toenail without any problems.

Fit in the fall – Get your immune system up to speed

Autumn is not just a transition to the colder and darker winter. In the often still golden, valuable autumn days one puts rather the bases for the strengthening of the immune system. With a few basic activities, appropriate footwear out in the wild and varied, healthy diet have cold and Co. even in the following winter only a few opportunities to prevail against the body’s defense.

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What supports the immune system from the inside

The physical defense has to do a lot, especially in autumn and winter. This is not because more pathogens are on the move, but is the result of our prolonged stay in confined spaces with other people. However, you can do a lot for the immune system in the fall. First of all, certain foods and nutrients are available. Positive effects on the defense function of our organism include:

  • the intake of fruits and vegetables with the corresponding phytochemicals
  • vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • zinc
  • the warming and fortifying ginger as a tea or spice
  • propolis
  • Natural medicines such as Echinacea and Cistus.

Bear in mind that in our latitudes between mid-October and March, sunlight is insufficient to produce endogenous vitamin D. Scientific findings are increasingly underlining the importance of vitamin D for the body’s defenses. One can consider taking a dietary supplement here.

On every occasion: Out in nature in comfortable shoes

To promote the immune system, extensive autumn walks are recommended. Regular exercise is generally an important element in building up the immune system, as the organism is promoted in this way. In addition, the body gets used to cold stimuli and changed climatic conditions that bring autumn and winter with it. When moving outdoors, you should pay particular attention to your breathing. Doctors advise breathing through the nose during cold seasons, as it filters out dirt and dust particles from the air. Inhalation through the mouth causes irritation in the mucous membranes and may cause sore throat. Particular care should be taken to protect sensitive areas such as the head, hands and feet. Therefore, the basic equipment for cold seasons include hat, gloves and warm socks.

Comfort shoes make autumn walks even more enjoyable. It boast ankle boots or sneakers and look fashionable on fall days and equally elegant.

Classic biker boots or elegant lace-ups have a youthful charm and give a special touch. Especially on cooler autumn days should be paid to a pleasant and especially on a warm food. The matching autumn shoes dispel cloudy mood and cold feet. So it is fashionable and comfortable on forest floor and through colorful piles of leaves.

Take advantage of natural daylight at every opportunity. This also strengthens the defense and the well-being, as the light counteracts the emergence of the dreaded “winter blues”. Anyone who is out there will not tire so easily.

What else can you do?

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Anything that hardens the body, thus compels it to respond to external stimuli, ultimately benefits your immune system. Sauna visits and showers are possible . Although just the cold fountains quite overcame cost, the body rewards these efforts with a good health. The visit of a sauna has a particularly positive effect on the immune system. By stimulating the blood circulation and increasing the oxygen content in the blood, defense bodies are released and the metabolism is increased. Also improves the appearance of the skin. Due to the optimal nutrients due to the stimulated blood circulation, it tends to appear fine-pored and radiantly fine.

A light shower is also an important part of health and well-being in autumn and winter. If the natural light is not enough, you can sit at home under special daylight lamps.

Finally it says: Sleep well. Sufficient sleep is particularly important in autumn and winter, so that the body can regenerate again and again. In the fall you may well “downshift a gear”. Nature and wildlife make it happen. You also deserve a little rest after your walk. Your immune system will thank you.

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