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The right time for new children’s shoes? Weather, season, offers and selection are crucial.

When is the best time to buy sandals, rubber boots, winter boots, loafers or transition shoes for children? As long as the feet are still growing, many parents have to master the balancing act here, not to buy too early, but also to ensure on time, so that not all chic children’s shoes and offers are sold out. Here are some guidelines and tips at the right time.

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Season and weather

Of course, the decisive criterion for the right shoe search is the weather at the time of the year. Those who can not buy or reuse the children’s shoes – that is, almost all parents of toddlers up to the age of 6 – look and feel when the season changes. It is not always clear whether the winter is actually over or exactly when it is time for the autumn boots.

From many parents one hears and reads to the question, when to buy shoes again and again:

“I buy children’s shoes when it gets colder (or warmer)”.

This is not particularly surprising, because this actually only shows that there is no more precise rule of thumb than your own sense of the weather. However, since the search for shoes can usually take 1-2 weeks to find the time and energy to search for shoes and could decide on one or two good new shoes, it is advantageous to try as soon as possible and search – maybe at the same time other garments such as transition fleece, short and long sleeve T-shirts or new winter jacket – to attack.

Offers and bargains

Often, the advertising posters and magazine advertising are already in January or February, so actually too early aligned to spring. In fact, many parents already play with the idea that it can always be so far and spring is coming soon.
Anyone who rummages in time (eg in the well-known online shops ) often finds something suitable. Especially with online shops, however, is permanently advertised with sales / sale. This is due to the fact that offers attract most parents permanently and the online shops therefore always offer something on sale. However, most offers are to be found after the seasons, you can read more about that right below.

This is the right time to buy shoes

With some internet knowhow you can inform yourself a little smarter and buy. Because not only shoe shops and online shops know exactly when most parents want to inform and buy. Google reveals the latest search trends and makes it clear when most parents feel a spring break or winter season.

When do most parents buy children’s shoes?

The overview shows when the search for the word “children’s shoes” is most frequent on the internet.

Conclusion: March in particular (spring felt like spring) and September (felt like the beginning of autumn) are the most important moments in the search for new children’s shoes for most parents.

When do parents look for children’s shoes for spring, summer, autumn and winter?

Depending on how the season turns out, you will find approximately the following times, in which parents (and of course grandparents and godparents) look for children’s shoes for certain seasons on the Internet. Not without reason, because often there is the best selection here , as the sales season of the online shops and on-site shoe shops are geared to the weather and advertising is in full swing.

Conclusion: If you want a lot of choice, you should look around at these times for new children’s shoes. If you are looking for special offers, you are more likely to buy something, because here the remaining models are sorted out.

Which children’s shoes? When do most people search? How long is searched?
spring Shoes at the beginning of March end of June
summer shoes early May end of June
autumn shoes end of August end of October
winter shoes the beginning of October End of November, also in December


Nike x Patta vs. Nike Tech Pack Weste

After I’ve been giving you all a few days with the info for my new Tech Pack vest , I’ve finally come to take some pictures to present you the good piece (or “the good pieces”) in this short blog post.

The Nike Tech Pack Vest , that’s the name of my bulletproof looking vest, was sent to me by Nike last week. I’ve worn the vest for the first time last week in Amsterdam and – she said – hardly ever moved out. There were comical glances here and there, because the thing looks really brutal, but let me tell you: I have never received so many compliments and questions for a jacket. Not to mention a vest . I’m so blatantly in love with the part that I will definitely get another color variant this week.

Where we would already be at the release date. Currently the release is planned as a “Members Only” release. This means that you must be logged in to Nike to have access to the vest. First, the release should take place on 18 October. Nike has postponed the date to 28th without giving a reason.

Currently I know of two different colourways: gray and black. Unfortunately, I can not say if there will be more colors. From the size I normally wear an XL.

The price of the Nike Tech Pack vest is 180 Euro (in Canada it costs 240 CAD). This is really steep, but in my opinion absolutely worth the money.

So if you want access to the vest, sign up for Nike and subscribe to our Whats App newsletter . We will send you the direct link for the vest via this channel as soon as possible.

The Nike x Parra Publicity. Publicity. Wohoooow! The collection was released a few days ago, together with the exclusive Air Max 90/95, at Patta in Amsterdam . I bought the gloves, the red shirt and the blue Air Max 90/95 from the collection. Yes, you heard right. I also have the Air Max at the start, although the lookbook images were an absolute disaster. But HEY..that thing looked so good in the store and I’m finally really lucky to have struck. I’m not a fan of these hybrid sneakers, but I really like the Air Max 90/95.

Also the publicity. Publicity. Wohoooow! Collection will appear this week at some retailers (click here for the release overview!). The shoes, by the way limited to 800 pairs per color, remain exclusively in the shop at Patta!

Air Jordan Future BRED – on feet

If you are active on social media, you will have noticed that we did some really good pictures last week with the Air Jordan Future BRED.

The model was offered to us to shoot some time ago, and although the whole thing was a bit critical at first, we finally decided to style the BRED Colourway accordingly.

My last purchase of the Air Jordan Future is certainly already three years ago. Somehow it has become a bit quieter around the silhouette with us, while the model has been absolutely proven for years by our neighbors in England and France. Funny how the sneaker markets in Europe somehow still differ, although in the end we may all enjoy the same assortments.


Of course, for the pictures from the Air Jordan Future BRED, we also got the matching accessories like the Chinatown Market smiley basketball, one of my Palace pants and my new Racking Jacket from Los Angeles. Especially the Palace pants looks really nice in the combination. In addition, the really crazy patches of the jacket and the outfit is almost perfect! The whole thing is rounded off with the black Supreme x Hellraiser shirt, which luckily has also completely matched.

All in all, I’m really happy with the pictures and even with me, the Air Jordan Future collected some points during the shoot. The upper of this model is made from a soft suede, which is rounded off from the sole in the chacarcteristic BRED Colourway. There’s a red Jumpman logo on the heel – but that’s about it. A very clean thing, then.

If you’re interested in the Air Jordan Future, it’s best to use the Nike online store, because right now there are a lot of different variations and colourways available. When sizing I would go half a greeting down. For example, the Air Force is similar.

AMBUSH x NIKE Capsule Collection

Yoon Ahn , the Dior Homme Jewlery designer, delivered a teaser of the extra class earlier this week.

As has been rumored, AMBUSH and Nike are collaborating on a capsule and will launch a collection in December. The images shot on Instagram seem like the range is girl-oriented. Yoon showed up in a stunning Fakefur bomber with a huge swoosh on the back. Reason enough for the ladies once to turn around briefly.

According to Instagramposts, shirts, jackets and trackpants with 3M should also be part of the range – we can not yet provide further details. But also the right sneaker to the collection will be there. AMBUSH and Nike have chosen the Air Max 180 and seemingly completely turned it over. But check yourself the teaser.

We are looking forward to the Look Book of the upcoming AMBUSH x Nike Capsule Collection and of course will send you all the release details here!

Nike x Parra Pack 2018

Piet Parra is back: The Dutch artist, who was responsible for some of the most popular Nike Air Max colorways, is back after 10 long years and has once again dedicated himself to the Air max 1. In addition, there will also be a Zoom Spiridon and a limited tracksuit in Parra’s Dutch Street Culture Design – we’re excited!

Also in the recent collaboration with Nike , Piet Parra wanted to design something that has never been seen before. The aim of the design should be to pick up both the really young sneaker community and the old sneaker bunnies alike, which we believe is more than successful. The idea was to depict the city and the country in the form of flat multicolor patterns, and Parra once again bristles with a unique realization.

In addition to the regular Air Max 1 , Zoom Spiridion and the Track Suit, the pack includes a Family and Friends version of the Air Max 1. Although most of us do not have access to it, it should be noted that this particular version has been specially designed. The missing Swoosh has been replaced with Cloud Pattern, creating a unique look that could almost be the winner of the pack.

Incidentally, the entire Nike x Parra Pack exclusive to the Family and Friends version will be available from July 21 at Nike , among others. A simple task to secure a piece, that is not guaranteed.

OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 Volt – First Look

The success in OFF-WHITE x Nike just will not end. Whether rightly or not, only you judge!

There will be another sneaker release this year, which will cause a stir. In addition to many already seen models and Colorways also the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 “Volt” appeared – a fresher Colorway of the already well-known silhouette, which is definitely in itself. Anyone who likes neon colors should definitely feel addressed. Also, the colorway is nothing new for Nike Jünger. Paired with a canvas upper, a contrasting black swoosh and orange tags, the OFF_WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 “Volt” is at least a round one.

Unfortunately, official release dates are not known yet. Of course we will stay tuned for you!

Nevertheless, we are only interested in one thing: what do you think of the new colorway of the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1?

Recent shoe collaboration: all release info at a glance

No collaboration has hit such high waves in recent weeks as Nike and off-white founder Virgil Abloh. However, leaks and rumors have kept us going long enough, and finally all the important release information for all ten silhouettes follows.

But we also want to share some background information about the Collabo:

Virgil Abloh subdivided the 10 silhouettes of the range into two self-explanatory themes – Ghosting (Nike Air Force 1 Low, Nike Zoom Fly SP, Nike Air Force 1 Low, Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 and Nike Air Max 97) and Revealing (Air Jordan I, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Presta, Nike Air VaporMax and Nike Blazer Mid).

“What we’re talking about here is bigger than sneakers, it’s bigger than design 
It’s nothing short of state-of-the-art design. These 10 shoes have broken barriers in performance and style.
To me, they are on the same level as a sculpture of David or the Mona Lisa.
You can debate it all you want, but they mean something. And that’s what’s important. “
(Virgil Abloh)

We all agree that the entire collection is just super hot and that choosing a single silhouette is hard. Our favorites are without a doubt the Air Jordan 1, Nike Blazer Mid (previously completely underrated) and the Nike Air VaporMax. So the fight for the sneakers can almost begin. However, since the release will be a NikeLab release, we have to be patient in this country a little or get on the plane.

Nike is first all models of the Off-White ™ x Nike Collabo by way of “Nike Off Campus” events in New York from 06th-08th September and in London from 14.-17. To introduce September. The pre-release of the first 5 silhouettes -Air Jordan I, Nike Blazer, Nike Air Presto, Nike Air Max 90 and Nike Air VaporMax will be available at the following NikeLab stores:

New York City – 09.-13. September
London – 18.-22. September
Milan – 21.-25. September
Paris – 26.-30. September

But do not worry, the whole collection will then find its way to our stores completely in November. Of course you will get an overview of all retailers on time.

Combine Socks – The Trends and No-Go’s!

A garment, which is usually given little importance in terms of style, are the socks. Often these are picked out indiscriminately and are not adapted to the style of clothing at all. The right choice of socks for many outfits offers great styling potential. They can give your look a very personal touch. The wrong choice of socks, however, can devalue your outfit significantly and even make it look ridiculous. What socks trends and what absolute no-go’s are, is explained below.

The perfect socks for a business look

For the suit long stockings are a must. For bare skin between pants and shoes are a no-go in everyday business life. Classic knee socks avoid these ugly skin blitzes.

The color of stockings is also very important. Dark colors like black or gray can easily be combined with almost any business outfit. If you like it a bit more eye-catching yet stylish, the color of the hosiery matches the color of the rest of the clothes. It should be noted that the stockings have a slightly darker color than the suit trousers.

Although it is also possible to wear colorful or even stockings with patterns to suit, however, these combinations require a greater degree of style awareness. Inexperienced therefore we advise against these daring combinations.

Wear pumps with socks

To wear socks in pumps is actually a no-go. In recent years, however, this daring combination has been used by some stars. If you want to be inspired by yourself, you have a few options.

For example, black or white mesh socks work well with pumps of the same color. As a rule, this combination looks serious and elegant. However, the overall outfit should not show too much skin.

In addition, glitter socks can be worn in open heels. There you serve as an eye-catcher. This look is more suitable for women with a higher sense of style, because if combined wrong, the look can look ridiculous.

The no-go’s

    • Unfortunately, wearing socks in ballerinas does not work in the cold season either. In times when you are too cold to wear ballerinas without socks, it is best to switch to sneakers or classic lace-ups.
    • Even in sandals socks are an absolute no-go. Especially white tennis socks are among the classic mistakes in the sandals-socks area.
    • Brash sock colors should generally be avoided. Most of the time, your outfit will look frivolous and childish.

Flat Feet – Causes & Prevention

Flat feet rarely come alone, depending on the severity of the deformity may cause discomfort. What factors favor the formation of flat feet and are there ways to counteract flat feet? These questions we follow in this blog post.

How is a flatfoot created?

A flat foot is created by lowering the longitudinal arch of the foot. This is easily recognized by the footprint. If the ligaments and muscles in the foot can no longer hold the longitudinal arch, it sinks and the foot is in full contact with the floor. If the Haltestatik no longer exists in the foot, the foot does not straighten up in the unloaded state, is spoken of a flat foot. There is a distinction between a congenital and an acquired flatfoot . The congenital flat foot is a hereditary malformation that exists from birth and may be associated with other malformations. The acquired flatfoot, however, develops in the course of life and requires treatment only in case of discomfort.

Causes of flat feet

The cause of flat feet is overloading of the longitudinal arch, among other things due to heavy obesity . In addition, congenital connective tissue weaknesses can cause flat feet, causing the ligaments and tendons in the foot to diminish with increasing age, causing the arch of the foot to slowly sink. Not to be despised is the choice of the wrong footwear. Too tight shoes , the toe and bale freedom is limited, with the result that the important muscles are not activated while running and they regress. This process initially manifests itself in a kinking foot , which then passes to the flat foot.

Causes of flat feet in short:

  • overweight
  • Congenital connective tissue weaknesses
  • Too tight shoes
  • arthritis
  • arthrosis

Diagnosis and treatment of flat feet

A flatfoot is already visible to the naked eye. Unlike a healthy foot, the inside of the foot lies completely on the ground. A congenital flat foot can be determined by X-ray: If the foot bones are deformed, this is an unmistakable sign of a congenital flat foot. To treat a flat foot this is divided into five severity levels, so as to guarantee an optimal treatment.

Severity 1: The flatfoot is only slightly pronounced and can be corrected by the doctor. The patient can influence the malposition even through exercises.

Severity 2: The foot is still flexible and can be treated by the doctor. In this case, the Achilles tendon has already shortened slightly.

Severity 3: The Achilles tendon is significantly shortened and the rear foot part points slightly outwards (kink foot). The malposition can only be partially corrected by conservative treatment.

Severity 4: To pronounced shortening of the Achilles tendon and the kink foot is the spreading of the forefoot added. The malposition is so severe that a conservative treatment is only possible to a limited extent.

Severity 5: The flatfoot can not be corrected. The entire foot has due to the strong deformity on a deformation of the entire foot.

Purely aesthetically, a flat foot does not look pretty, but as long as there are no complaints with the malposition, a flat foot is completely unproblematic. However, if discomfort occurs in the ankle or ligaments, surgery can provide relief. For this a corresponding diagnosis of a doctor must be obtained.

Good to know:

Babies are born with flat feet. The adolescent flatfoot grows out at puberty and assumes the normal shape of the foot when it develops optimally.

Prevent flat feet

Walk a lot barefoot ! Because this activates and trains the muscles , ligaments and tendons in the foot. Consequently, the feet can endure more and the risk of a flat foot is counteracted. Practical are also various exercises for the feet , if you already suffer from flat feet. This can avoid that the flat foot continues to develop. Very important, of course, are the matching shoes with a pleasant width and with appropriate toe freedom. Our comfortable footwear by Natural Feet is perfect. Not only are they extremely flexible due to the deerskin, they also convince with the comfortable shoe width H.

Quickly and easily find the perfect shoes for the dress

Do you know the following situation: You really want to wear beautiful clothes, but you can not decide which shoes to wear for each dress ? Many women think that dresses can only be worn with pumps. Whether other shoes can be worn to dresses and what should be observed in this blog post.

Which shoes are suitable for the dress and which are not

First, keep in mind that your shoes should fit the dress and occasion . A festive dress should not be combined with slippers. Just look at the dress to see if it should be casual, sporty or elegant, and so choose your shoes.

Each outfit can be accented with the right shoes. This means: It is entirely in your hands whether you want to make your look more chic or if you want to give it a rather casual touch . Shoes with heels such as pumps or fine sandals make every dress more chic and give the look an elegant finishing touch. For floor-length dresses, keep in mind that the heel height of your shoes should be tailored to the skirt length so you will not step on your dress. Would you prefer a casual look? Then simply combine everyday clothes with sports shoes, slippers or flat sandals .

Dare – play with colors

With so-called “color doubling” you can set both your outfit and your shoes to the dress refined. And that’s so easy! You only need shoes in the color that appears in your dress. Color doubling not only makes your outfit look harmonious, but also puts you in the limelight optically stylish.

Extravagant shoes beautify every simple dress. For example, shoes with studs, embroidery, fringes or snakeskin shoes make the dress, and thus your own look much more exciting, lively and unique!

In the fashion world are also allowed different style breaks. Rocky boots with a romantic dress testify to courage and style awareness. Try it! Especially on warm and sunny days, the trend Color-Blocking inspires everyone. Color blocking combines the outfit and the accessories in two to three contrasting colors. Color games with bright colors are the top priority! In short, it’s a perfect way to combine gaudy shoes into a dress while being a colorful trendsetter!

The benefits of matching shoes to the dress

Block paragraphs:

  • Block and wedge heels stretch the figure and make the body appear much narrower.
  • Pumps with block heels can be worn for hours without hurting the feet.

Lace Pumps:

  • Pointed Pumps not only look gorgeous, but their tapering shape makes them extend the foot and legs. Especially with dresses, this is a desired side effect.

Pumps in nude tones:

  • Pumps in nude tones have the same effect as pointed pumps. At first glance, they are not recognizable separately from the legs because of the color and therefore make the legs look longer.

Shoes to the dress in winter

Fortunately, you can wear dresses in every season. There are no limits to the question of which shoes can be worn with the dress in winter. Even on colder days clothes can be worn with slightly thicker and tall stockings and low shoes. Rounded off by a warm woolen cap, the dreamlike winter look is complete.

Another option is to combine dresses with cardigans, vests or ponchos. This not only keeps you warm, but fits perfectly with boots and ankle boots. As a side note, if your stockings and shoes are the same color, your legs will look longer with this side effect . Shoes with patterns should only be worn with plain and simple dresses if possible.

Which shoes fit the knit dress

In order not to fall into the winter blues, cuddly warm knit dresses lift the mood. Here are a few tips on how to make your knitwear even more sophisticated with the right shoes.

Color-coordinated shoes for a knit look

One of the most popular and classic looks are knit dresses with high boots . It’s up to you whether you prefer boots with high or low heels. Optionally, you can perfect the outfit with a color-coordinated and matching knit dress lipstick and voila – your outfit was with a few style elements to an irresistible eye-catcher!

Take the chance and tune your simple, plain knit dress with a patterned scarf and with low shoes. Lace-ups in different variations are needed here, which keep the foot warm and as waterproof as possible in bad weather. Here are stockings or leggings the icing on the cake with every look. Or would you rather combine your knit dress with great ankle boots? Here you can set accents with the help of unique upper materials or magical glitter prints.

Cozy and trendy – shoes for oversize knit dress

If you’re not the tight-sleeved type, try oversize knit dresses. These are not only comfortable, but fit perfectly with boots of all kinds. With a woolen hat and a matching color bag, you and your shoes set in a sophisticated manner. If simple boots or bootees have too little informative value, you can fall back on ankle boots with fur or teddy lining, which score visibly outwardly with a cozy cuddly atmosphere. A stylish and cozy look – how magic!

Fine knit look for everyday work with matching shoes

In everyday working life it is difficult to find shoes for a knit dress and also to look stylish and professional. Try a blazer with a knit dress and high boots. Boots not only keep you warm, they also look phenomenal. If you want to bring more elegance into the office, you can try the following: Combine a knit dress with a V-neck with a white shirt and great boots such as the boot Florina.

The trendsetter – knit dresses with rock boots

Would you rather be bolder and crazier? Let your knit dress merge with a leather jacket and ankle boots to a feminine, rocking winter outfit ! In coordinated shades you will be a true style icon with this combination! Choose between biker boots, patent-leather ankle boots and booties in taupe or brown tones, and get you into the cold season.

Figure flattering long knit dresses

Very long knit dresses should not be combined with boots, because the long knit dress “swallows” the boots. Therefore, we recommend you to wear ankle boots or loafers such as fashionable lace-ups for very long knit dresses. The exceptions are very long knit dresses with a high side slit, as this does not cover the boots, but sets extra while running in scene. Let your preferences and creativity run wild. Play with colors and create with your shoes to knit dress your personal knit look!

Shoes for evening dress

A dress for the spotlight, the evening dress! A glamorous appearance is guaranteed with the right evening dress . However, a dress only comes into its own if the right shoes are combined. Of course, the choice of course falls on pumps ! Summery stilettos or seductive high heels give the evening dress the necessary grace.

Floor-length evening dresses are less suitable for flat shoes, because you have to choose an appropriate heel so that the dress floats slightly above the floor. Short cocktail dresses in subtle shades gain in appeal through colorful or detailed strappy pumps. You can follow a very simple rule when choosing your evening dress shoes :

The more subtle the dress the more you can dare the shoes, of course, always according to the occasion.

Do you already have a pair of pumps for the next celebration in mind? Discover at tessamino attractive and comfortable pumps for every occasion.

Flat shoes to the dress

You want to wear a dress, but you do not want high-heeled shoes? No problem, we’ll show you how to put on the perfect show even in flat shoes . But first of all, the challenge you face with flat shoes on the dress : High shoes give you more leg length and stretch your entire body. So you look slimmer and more elegant.

Adding unfavorable style elements to flat shoes can achieve exactly the opposite effect. It could then happen that you are perceived as stronger than you are in reality.

Skillfully combine flat shoes with a dress

Use styling elements for your look that visually lengthen your legs. This can be, for example, the following:

  • Shoes with pointed toe
  • Shoes with open instep
  • monochrome tights without pattern
  • Shoes with a thin sole


Avoid anything that visually shortens or strengthens your legs and the rest of your body! This can be the following things:

  • Shoes that protrude above the ankle
  • Colorfully strong tights that contrast with the dress or the shoes
  • Skirts that go beyond the knee
  • Shoes with a lightly contrasting toe cap
  • Absolute no-go are socks with open shoes. Exceptions are not visible feet


Pay attention to these tips and you can put your dress and even in flat shoes skillfully in scene. Especially on days when you will be on your feet for a long time , your feet will thank you the choice for the flat models!